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Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments: Sprays vs. Baiting Systems

You never want to experience termites in your home because it can lead to many problems. Especially if you don’t know of the termite problem until they have caused sufficient damage, you could be looking at a lot of expenses to get the problem under control. There are termite treatments and you need to understand which ones are best.

Sprays and baiting systems are the two most popular termite treatments, so now you can learn the pros and cons to make a decision as to which treatment is best for your home (and your budget).

Termite Sprays

Termite sprays are relatively common. These create a liquid barrier around your property. While they tend to be expensive, they are close to 100% effective. They can also last a lifetime, depending upon the brand and how they are applied. Some companies will offer a lifetime warranty, but this can vary. This means you need to do the research to make sure you know what kind of termite spray is being applied to your property.

Most of the termite sprays are deemed as “poison” and are more effective only if termites have already been seen on the property. This means you are going to need a more aggressive approach because you are trying to kill as opposed to deter.

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems are very common because they are installed by the pest control companies. They go into the ground and therefore they can deter termites from ever entering your property. This can be very advantageous, and it can be a less expensive option initially.

Additionally, when it comes to termite treatments, the baiting systems are considered to be the “green” approach because they are not using a harmful chemical that could kill your grass, affect animals and insects, and more.

There are some problems with the baiting system as termite treatments, however. Some of the most common issues include:

– Require regular inspections

– Maintenance is needed to continue the protection

If you stop the inspections and no longer pay the renewal fee for the maintenance of the baiting systems, the treatment is no longer going on. This means that there is no chemical barrier and nothing protecting your home against the termites. Termite treatments vary widely, and you need to analyze the size of your home and yard before investing into a system.


In the end, you want to research what the different companies offer. You want to look at termite treatments that are going to work. It’s important to read reviews to find out what homeowners have to say about each. You also want to find out what the warranty is once a liquid spray or a baiting system is applied to your property.

When you use termite treatments, you also want to follow the basic rules about keeping items, such as firewood and kindle, away from your home so as not to attract termites closer to your property. If you do end up seeing termites, you may also find that you need a spray as well as a baiting system and therefore, it comes down to brand recognition for the termite treatments.