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Termite Treatment Cost

Termite Treatment Cost

Upon discovering a termite infestation, one of the first questions asked is invariably, “what will termite treatment cost?” While the answer to this question requires explanation, there are a variety of options to help consumers who are faced with termites in the home or office. The price to get rid of termites will depend whether you are hiring a professional exterminator or applying the treatment methods on your own.

For instance, a chemical spray treatment can be $1,300 or more if a professional applies the mixture. This is because extermination companies often charge by linear foot. For the homeowner, a bottle of the same type of spray may cost $20 for a 27-ounce bottle. Some products are meant for outdoor use only so you will need to fully study the label for any product you buy.

Various sprays such as mentioned above exist to kill termites on contact. There are also powders, which can be left in strategic areas which the termites will eat. Foam treatments will expand to fill a space which has a termite problem, and termite treatment cost can be just as economical and lasting with these methods. A standard 18-ounce bottle of termite foam costs between $20 and $25. The foam will generally cover 1,000 cubic inches per bottle. A benefit of the foam method in reducing termite treatment cost is that when it is used correctly, many of the foam products are pet safe. 

Baiting termite treatment cost can be expensive if using a professional. From $1,200 and up, baits will be set for the termites to feed at. The worker termites are the only ones who are looking for food to take to the colony, and this is where the similarity to ant baiting systems ends. For termite extermination, the bait kills the workers when they eat it at the station rather than being something the workers take back to the colony. Workers are what keeps the colony functioning; however, this can be a long-term solution, and if you are paying for a company to monitor and change the bait traps over a period of months, termite treatment cost can easily reach much higher prices. Do it yourself baiting stations, made specifically for termites, may cost around $200 and up but can be monitored and refreshed by the home owner.

Termite treatment cost can be further reduced by employing termite prevention techniques. These can be started before there is a termite problem, during the problem, or after the completion of a full termite extermination campaign. Three main things attract termites to a home – soil, wood, and water. Start by ensuring that all water leaks and drips inside and outside the home are repaired. Another source of moisture can be heavy growth or brush around the outside of the home. Additionally, make sure there are no standing water puddles around the home.

Keep building materials and firewood away from the house, and use treated lumber for any buildings which may have direct contact with the ground – this can be a better deterrent than plain wood. As above with the brush, remove dead trees, stumps, and roots. Termites, especially like rotting wood. Finally, it’s a good idea to seal all cracks and holes around the foundation – inside the home and out. If they have no way to get in, termite treatment cost will not be an issue. 

The best way to keep termite treatment cost reasonable yet effective is to employ a number of termite extermination methods. In-ground outdoor bait as well as indoor bait stations can be advantageous at getting to the colony of termites. Foundation foams and sprays are very useful for killing termites before they can cause damage, and spot-treatment with sprays is a good way to reduce the number of locations termites will be able to gain access and do damage. On the other hand, you must be extremely diligent in reading all labels, considering any interactions of treatments with pets or people nearby, and careful to wear the appropriate safety gear when applying the products. Do it yourself methods may be an economical answer; however, if you feel that the peace of mind is greater, you can hire a professional or get a termite inspection from a reputable and trusted company to ensure that you know all the risks and costs before you begin.