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Termite Damage

Do You Have Termite Damage?

Termites are one of the worst pests you can get in your home. They can literally destroy your home to a point where nobody can any longer inhabit the house. Termites not only eat wood and will consume houses primarily made of wood, they can also chew through plaster and many other materials. Sometimes people have no idea that their house has an infestation of termites until the termites have so ravished the house that costly repairs are needed. With a little attentiveness and know-how you can keep an eye out for termites. Making sure that you catch an infestation at the beginning will keep termites from eating up your home and all of the care and money that you have put into it.

Termite Damage – Distinguish Between Termites and Carpenter Ants

First it is important to learn how to distinguish termites from other home-invading insects like carpenter ants. Please note: the other insects are important to remove; however, extermination of different insects works differently and it is important to know which course to take. If you discover that you have another kind of insect infesting your home, research and take the steps necessary to remove that pest. Termites have lighter colored bodies, usually yellowish. Other home invading insects will often have darker bodies. Additionally, termites have straight antennas rather than ones with a bend. Termites also have two pairs of wings that are the same size. Many of the other insects have wings that are different sized or only one pair of wings. These small differences can help you know which insect is destroying your home.

How to Tell if you Have Termite Damage

While knowing if you have carpenter ants or termites is a must, you also need to figure out if you have an infestation at all. One way of learning if there is in fact a problem is to do a routine check on the house. Put your ear up to various parts of the wall throughout the house. Knock on the wall and listen carefully. If there is an infestation you will likely hear scurrying in the tunnels that the termites have made through the wall. Another indication of termites is when there are tunnels leading from the ground to the base of the house. When termites use up all of the wood material in the ground they will go after buildings. The tunnels are made of soil and fecal matter can and can be seen leading to the base of the house. The easiest way to tell if there are termites is to get a cross cut view of the house. If possible cut a small amount of material from the house. If there are termites the material will have tunnels visible.

If you do discover an infestation of termites act immediately. The longer an infestation is left the harder it is to repair the damage done by the termites. Many sprays and other natural remedies are available that can get rid of the termites without the need for hiring a professional.

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