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Flying Termites

Flying Termites The Scourge of the Sky: Flying Termites One of the first signs that a home might have a termite problem is the presence of flying termites, which present a very noticeable public showing by appearing in large swarms around the infested area. Flying termites should be considered a fairly ominous sign, as they indicate the existence of an established and mature colony; in fact, most colonies will not produce a swarm until they are four or five years old. Flying Termites or Flying Ant? Termites...

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Signs of Termites

Signs of Termites Do You Have Termites? There are a few phrases that no homeowner ever wants to hear and “You have termites,” definitely ranks near the top of the list. Luckily, if you know how to spot signs of termite infestation, you can often take care of the problem before it becomes a hazard.Signs of Termites – SwarmingThe most obvious sign of termites and the one that people typically notice first is the swarm. Swarming happens when a termite colony reaches a certain size (the exact...

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