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Kill Termites

Termites are nasty little insects that feed on wood. Because they feed on wood, they often infest a home and eat away the wooden floors, ceilings and structure of the house. These tiny monsters can end up costing you thousands of dollars or even your home. The sooner you kill termites, the less it will cost to remove them and the less repairs will need to be done once they are gone. Early detection will let you kill termites sooner rather than later.  

Before you learn how to kill termites, you should know about the kinds of termites. The two types of termites are drywood termites and subterranean termites. How you kill termites sometimes depends on which termite is infesting your home. Drywood termites live strictly in drywood and not in the soil. If you have to kill termites, they are the easiest termites to have to kill. Subterranean termites live both in the soil and in wood. They are the hardest termites to kill. They can invade and survive not only on your house but also in the soil surrounding your house. Subterranean termites require moisture to live. Therefore, they do not live in dry, warm places.

If you have to kill termites that are subterranean, you have a big job ahead of you. Subterranean termites are far greater in number. Drywood termites are usually small in number and not as difficult to eradicate. To kill termites that are subterranean, you will need to treat the soil surrounding the house as well as the wood of the house. In order to kill termites that are drywood termites, the wood of the house is the only thing that has to be treated. The same chemicals and mostly the same methods are used to kill termites of both kinds. The difference lies in where the termites will reside and how many of the termites will exist.

Methods That Kill Termites: Supplemental Methods

The first methods listed in this article to kill termites are methods that are helpful in addition to other methods. They are short term methods that will help kill some of the population of termites but not all of them. These little suckers reproduce quickly so killing a few thousand a day will not help much for the larger picture. Even to kill termites of the drywood variety, which are lesser in numbers, you will need to put forth more effort. Nevertheless, there steps can help slow the population while you work on more long term extermination solutions.

One of the ways to kill termites is the cardboard trap method. Take 2 flat panels of cardboard.   Cardboard cut from a cardboard box is fine. Get the cardboard damp. Place the two pieces one on top of the other in a spot where the termites frequent. Termites like cardboard as it is basically soft wood. They will swarm and infest the cardboard. Once the cardboard is covered in termites, carry the cardboard outside and burn it along with the termites. Use gloves while handling the termite covered cardboard. The cardboard trap does more than just get rid of a few termites a day. While you are working on totally getting rid of the termites, this method can give you a gauge of how much of the population is left.

Another way to kill termites is to use beneficial nematodes. Beneficial nematodes are small worms that survive by burrowing into termite and other pest’s larvae and feeding. They then use the termite carcasses in which to place their spawn. This is a great way to kill termites without adding more chemicals to the mix. Beneficial nematodes can be purchased at a gardening supply store.

Methods to Kill Termites: Long-term Solutions

Longer term solutions, short of burning the whole house to the ground, involve chemicals. Chemicals come in many forms and have different ways of applying them. Each one is better for different situations. With all kinds of pest control be sure to follow the instructions. Ignoring the instructions on poisons is foolish.

Termite dust is a way to kill termites if you are infested with drywood termites. Termite dust can sink into the cracks of the rafters and other hidden parts of the house. It is the best chemical to put in the crawl spaces of the house. Always wear a mask when spreading termite dust as it can easily float up into the air.

Foam pesticides used to kill termites is one of the easiest methods. Foam can spray in the small corners and will not stain wooden surfaces. The can of foam often comes with a tube to place the chemical in corners. Foam is also not as fluid as a liquid so it will not drip and run as much as liquid termite killer.

Liquid chemicals used to kill termites are the most traditional forms of termite killer. Liquid spray works well because it can be sprayed in massive quantities. It usually can be sprayed inside or outside. Liquid termite killer is clear so it will not stain wood or other surfaces of the house. Liquid termite killer is also how soil around the house will need to be treated for termites. The liquid will stay in the ground for many years after being sprayed.  

Termites are one of the most detrimental things that could happen to a home owner. Getting rid of them can be expensive. However, with perseverance and some know-how, one can clear out the termites for a reasonable price such as sprays and baiting systems.