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How to Kill Pests

How to Kill Pests

Upon discovering that you have an infestation problem, you will likely immediately take action to rid yourself of it, but those little critters can be stubborn in both refusing to leave the premises and refusing to die. If you have unfortunately found yourself to be losing a war against an animal you could squish with a baby’s flip-flop, know that there is hope. If you do not know how to kill pests at all or if you have hit a wall in your campaign to take back your house, why not try following some of the tips below and learn how to kill pests efficiently?

How to Kill Pests – Preventative Measures

In pest-killing, as well as in football, the old adage “the best offense is a good defense” holds true. Even if your home is pest-free, there are still actions you should take to ensure that it remains that way. If you are currently under attack and are at a loss as to how to kill the pests, then these same preventative measures can work for you as well, since they create an environment that is hostile and unforgiving for the pestilential life form with which you find yourself plagued.

  • Do not store wood either directly on the ground or up close to the house. The former causes the wood to collect moisture, which then attracts termites, and if you keep your firewood close to your house, you’re just making the termites walk less to get to the big meal: your house.
  • Do not allow water to pool around the foundation of your house and be sure to quickly fix and leakages you find.
  • Inspect your home for cracks, fissures, cracked or bubbling wood, and mud tubes. Damaged structures are more susceptible to termite infestation and mud tunnels are created by termites, so if you see a mud tunnel, you likely already have termites somewhere close to you.
  • Properly dispose of materials such as cardboard, cotton, newspaper, and any other sources of cellulose, as that is one of termites’ favorite foods.
  • Use wood that is treated especially to ward off pests like termites.

How to Kill Pests – DIY Pest Control

When it is clear that prevention has failed, it is imperative that a homeowner acts quickly to remedy the situation. For most people, this can mean calling a professional exterminator, however, there are some methods that require no outside help, and some that use no chemicals. For example, if you want to know how to kill pests that have taken up residence inside a particular piece of furniture, one option is to look no further than that of temperature manipulation; in other words, either roasting or freezing them using the sun and a large freezer, respectively. Of course, the most popular DIY method of termite eradication is the use of products available at your local hardware store.

How to Kill Pests – Crisis Control

When preventative measures have fallen short and your personal attempts have floundered, it is time to call in the professionals. Pest control is not something you want to ignore or delay, as waiting can cause serious damage to your home. Once the presence of termites has been confirmed, a professional exterminator will discuss the different options available to you, including using bait, extreme heat, extreme cold, fumigation, or local/spot treatment that calls for the injection of pesticides into the wood.


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