How To Get Rid Of Flies

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How To Get Rid Of Flies

How To Get Rid Of Flies

Flies are a nuisance that people all over the world struggle to get rid of.  Flies reproduce quickly, swarming a particular area where food is located.  Getting in your way, flying in your face, and generally being really disgusting. Finding ways to approach and remove your fly problem once and for all can save you an incredible amount of hassle.  With that in mind we address how to get rid of flies in a number of different ways depending on the situation you may have.

How To Get Rid Of Flies:  A Basic Guide

We begin with a basic guide of how to get rid of flies.  A general all-purpose fix, the following 5 points cover in detail what you can do as well as the order of steps you should take.

  1. Remove What Attracts the Flies

The most important step in knowing how to get rid of flies is to remove their food source.  Find what is attracting the flies and get rid of them.  More often than not, figuring out how to get rid of flies simply involves removing whatever food they are attracted to.  Leftover food scraps around the house or in the kitchen are what bring flies in.

  1. Put In Quick Traps

A quick and easy step to get rid of flies is to put in quick traps.  Applying cider vinegar traps are a popular example.  Simply take apple cider vinegar and put it in a bowl.  Flies will be attracted to it and be unable to escape it.  Homemade fly traps made out of a liquid sugar and water solution then applied to masking or duct tape and then hung will also attract flies that will get stuck and be unable to escape.

  1. Clean Surfaces

Once you have eliminated what is bringing the flies in and put in place simple traps to start lessening the number of flies around you, your next step in how to get rid of flies is to clean surfaces in and around where the flies are.  This will ensure that scraps are cleaned up and that the flies have nothing in terms of food.

  1. Long-Term Deterrent Methods

How to get rid of flies that just don’t go away may involve long-term deterrent methods.  These methods can include things like plants that flies dislike.  Different kinds of mints are a great way to solve how to get rid of flies entering your home.  A chemical treatment of the home can be done as well to kill everything.

Other Suggestions

When you have a lot of flies, all in one area, getting rid of them may be easier than you think.  Flies are attracted to light.  By making the interior of your home far darker than the outside, you can cause them to migrate out of the home.  A vacuum is also a great way to get rid of flies in a particular area as it can suck them in.  A spray bottle shot at a swarm of flies can help to ground them and make clean up easier.  Finally, you can consider a fly swatter as a solution for how to get rid of flies.  Remember however that you will have to clean up the mess afterward.  A final thing you may want to consider is making sure you use barriers to prevent entry into your home.  How to get rid of flies may be as simple as making sure a window is fully sealed.  In addition, while there are pros and cons associated with a fly zapper, they do manage to work quite well in killing flies outside.