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DIY Pest Control


If you’ve discovered that your home is infested with termites you are likely concerned if not panicked about what to do to get rid of them. Termites are not easy critters to eradicate. That is why many people turn to professionals to take care of a termite problem. However, professionals are expensive and hiring one can be a hassle. Additionally when you hire someone else you give them some of the power over your home. Be your own pest removal expert and exterminate those home eating bugs less expensively and on your own.

Reasons for doing your own pest control:

Many reason can be presented as to why it is better to do your own pest control. It may seem easier to call a professional exterminator and let him or her remove the termites. However, the reasons for doing it yourself are great advocates of why you should do it yourself.

  • When you are the one to chase out the termites, you can do it on your own time and not when the exterminator is available. We all have busy schedules. Some people’s schedules cannot bend to the will of someone else’s schedule. Maybe the exterminator can only come at 3pm on Monday but that is when you have a big meeting. Maybe you take the bus to work and getting home in order be there to let the exterminator in will be too much of a hassle. Either way, if you do it yourself you can do it when you want. Even if you wish to kill the termites at 2 in the morning wearing you pajamas, with DIY Pest control you can get to it.  Just don’t disturb your neighbors! 
  • Professional exterminators use effective tools to kill termites. However, when you call a professional you do not have control over the tools that are used. The process will involve some form of poison to kill the termites. However, a professional might use poisons that will stain you wood or that will release toxins into the air. When you choose the kind of insecticide you will use to kill the termites, you can decide what is best for your home and your family.
  • Of course, the reason that is probably the biggest reason for most people wanting to exterminate their termites themselves is the cost. Calling in a professional to do anything is expensive. Some things, such as complicated plumbing for most of us, is one where you are better off calling an expert. However, when it comes to pest control you can be your own expert.

What exactly are the cost comparisons vs DIY Pest Control

You know that doing the extermination yourself is probably cheaper. Yet, you may not know how much cheaper. The average cost of hiring a professional is $280 to $450/hr. That is just average. It can cost up to $700 or more depending on the severity of the infestation. Doing your own extermination will cost a minimum of about $50 and a maximum of $300 depending upon the severity of the infestation.

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